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Wanna help WITHOUT actually having bees?

Wanna tip/donate and not sure how much?

Maybe you like the idea of helping the environment, helping pollinators, helping bees, etc. but you CAN'T or simply don't want to get into beekeeping...

Maybe you are tired of giving gifts that are less interesting and useful than the package they come in?

You can now SPONSOR or SUPPORT 's efforts in a number of ways.

From volunteering and providing direct resources to providing a financial gift in your own name, or in the name of someone else!

You can even make arrangements for bees to be kept, in your name, in one of our bee yards (apiaries) for a season, that you could come visit, or get a picture of, etc.*

So click here for last minute gift ideas that can make a difference, and contact us directly if you'd like to sponsor a hive for a season that you can actually visit at or call (816)520-5456

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