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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. I didn't buy my bees from so can I still get help?

A. Of course! Contact us for service area verification and to discuss your particular situation. We may be able to help directly, or may refer you to another resource that is closer or better suited to your specific needs. But in general, we can provide site consultations, colony/hive assessments, inspection assistance, treatment options and assistance, on site education, procure equipment materials and resources for you, help re-queen, split, pull/process honey, and more. But remember, when YOU come to US and work in OUR bee's FREE! (Donations/Tips accepted of course!)

Q. I noticed your website has everything as paid in full only Why don't you take deposits?

A. Simplicity and convenience are the primary reasons we don't take deposits online. The online payment options provide an immediate receipt, with automatic verification and tracking, inventory controls, etc. However, there ARE occasions when a deposit can be accepted, and these are typically handled with a check through the mail (see contact page) for additional paper trails and handling. In this case, we still encourage pre-payment in full and offer a $5 discount for making the payment in full, by check, as a pre-order versus a partial deposit. A typical Nuc deposit will be $75 for the 2019 season. 

Q. Why are there other beekeepers listed in your "BUY BEES" area, and other sources are listed under "Additional trusted sources"?

A. At BeeResQ we sell a limited number of Nucs. The other 'featured' beekeepers we take orders for are those that have been personally vetted, with processes and yards reviewed, and with whom we've had the pleasure to observe and work with. The others are listed separately, as we have not had the same exposure to them, do not have an agreement to take orders on their behalf, but would still consider them in high regard, as someone WE would order bees from, if we needed to. 

Q. I ordered bees from another Beekeeper in your area, but they won't deliver/install. Will BeeResQ still coordinate delivery/install?

A. Of course! As long as satisfactory arrangements can be made with a cooperating beekeeper.

Q. I just need a little help, getting started. Will show me what to do so I can continue on my own?

A. Of course! Many of our customers just need a hand once in a while, with a mite test, or some recommendations, or even al-a-carte services when on vacation, etc.

Q. How much do you charge?

A. We DON'T charge if you are coming to work and learn in our apiary (bee yard). But we do accept tips and donations! :-) On the other hand, if you want us to come help out in YOUR apiary (or apiaries, because we frequently help beekeepers with larger operations too) then we DO charge. Repeat supporters and customers receive a discounted Trip Fee (inside our regular area) and also benefit from other discounts and offers when available.

Q. How do I become a BeeResQ supporter or customer?

A. All BeeResQ customers are supporters, simply by buying products or services from us, including renting hives to help the environment, or for pollination! Supporters are those that donate time, or money, or other resources. Supporters might do something as simple as donate a few dollars, or a bag of sugar. Supporters may also take on a bigger role, in sponsoring bees or hives, and so on, in exchange for a share of honey. Supporters may also be those who set aside some room on their property for us to place hives on, in exchange for some honey as well.

Q. I have an acreage that would be GREAT for bees! How do I go about finding out more?

A. Contact us with your full name and the address where you believe the bees would be placed, along with any access restrictions/requirements etc. that you may have. (Note: Beekeeping requires access before dawn and after dark sometimes, and without necessarily a lot of notice. Properties with good accessibility for trucks and trailers are always of interest to us!) 

Q. Our organization/business would like some bees placed and education to care for it ourselves, or services and maintenance provided by etc. Do you 'rent' hives or provide services like this?

A. YES! We may even be able to help schools qualify for a grant, and we can develop a custom approach for your school, business, or residential needs.

Q. Does BeeResQ provide any presentations or education?

A. Of course! This is our primary mission! If you have a class, a school, a club, or an organization that would like to learn about bees, please contact us!

Q. I'm not sure what to buy or how to get started. Can help?

A. You bet. We can acquire everything you need to get started, including the bees. *NOTE: We always, ALWAYS recommend starting with at LEAST 2 colonies/hives. There are many, MANY reasons why we suggest this.

Q. Why do you recommend someone starts with at least 2 colonies/hives?

A. Wow, this will be a long answer! But a good one. And it's not just because we want to sell more bees! :-) Basically you are doubling your odds of success. IF there is a problem with ONE colony, you can borrow resources from ANOTHER colony. So, the strong colony could have honey, pollen, even brood to spare. This means you could pull those resources into the weaker colony and boost it's health, and even replace a queen, etc. Imagine, standing there, with an open hive, and having no queen, no brood, and very little remaining in resources (or even an abundance of resources). Think about going into winter, and needing to combine colonies in order to save one of the two. And then imagine the feeling of helplessness, when you don't have ready access to brood, a way to re-queen, a way to combine etc. and knowing the colony is going to perish. THAT is what we want to avoid!

Q. How do you combine a colony?

A. There are various ways, of course, but I like to wait until after dark, open the queen right hive, put a newspaper across it (just a single sheet is fine) and then place the queen less colony on top. They weaker colony has to work a little bit to get through the paper to find their way out. That way, they get used to the queen's pheromones and are less likely to get in a fight, and it forced them to re-orient a little as they go out. 

Q. Is a "not for profit" organization?

A. No. Not yet anyway. We would LIKE to be in the future, but as a small business it will be a little while before we can accomplish that. Unless, of course, YOU know someone that can help? :-)

Q. Why do you sell and/or recommend Nucs instead of Packages?

A. This could be a long answer too! One of the primary reasons is that at we work with a lot of new beekeepers, that may not have comb already, or the expertise in handling bees that may be needed for installing packages. Another is that packages may not accept a caged queen as readily as one that is already accepted, and is already mated and laying, with brood, with comb and resources, etc. With a variety of Nuc offerings, we can usually compare well to Package prices, and still give a newer beekeeper a leg up. We even put together combos or bundles to help the beekeepers that may have made the mistake of starting with only one hive/colony previously, and need replacement bees AND an additional hive or two, with bees. And for bigger orders, we have additional discounts as well!

Q. Are there any clubs I can join?

A. You bet! Here is a link to the Missouri State Beekeepers Association:

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