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BeeResQ Support Plans

  • + SUPPORT 1st Hive

    Every month
    Monthly visit to check YOUR HIVES! Weather Permitting
    • Monthly Colony/Hive Check
    • Hive Accessible? Services May Be Provided in Owner's Absence
    • Discount on Supplies, Classes, and Workshops
    • Priority over "non - Plan" Customers
    • Mite Count (if populous enough)
    • Delivery
    • Free Access to Workshops and Classes
    • Additional Services CAN BE added IF needed (Next Trip)
    • Extraction Services (IF minimum met)
    • Winter Weight and Activity Check
    • Apiary Planning and Recommendations
    • Relocation / Hosting at BeeResQ (If needed)
    • Treatment Options (BeeResQ Discretion) - Apivar - Mites
    • Treatment Options (BeeResQ Discretion) - Thermal - Mites SHB
    • Refer a NEW CLIENT and receive a BONUS!
  • + RENT - 1st Hive

    Every month
    Same price to rent or have hosted by BeeResQ
    • Fully Managed and Maintained Beehives
    • Equipment including necessary frames, feeders, stands etc.
    • Bees including necessary management/treatment
    • Removal and offsite hosting issues develop
    • Option to BUY Hive at a discount!
    • Refer a NEW CLIENT and receive a BONUS!
  • + SUPPORT - Additional Hive

    Every month
    Add an additional hive to your MONTHLY plan!
    • Same service and frequency as your MONTHLY plan!
    • HUGE discount for Additional Hive
  • + RENT - additional Hive

    Every month
    Add an additional hive to MONTHLY Rental/Hosting plan!
    • Same services and access as MONTHLY Rental/Hosting plan
    • HUGE DISCOUNT for additional hive
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