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Ride along and join in as I visit and assist customers, retrieve swarms, make splits, assemble/move equipment and bees, etc. throughout the KC area. Usually includes lunch/coffee. Can include inspection of YOUR hives. May be scheduled for pickup at your location or meet elsewhere. ***NOTE*** Sometimes my schedule allows for pickup/drop off at various times, but sometimes...YOU ARE STUCK WITH ME...for HOURS! LOL.

Ride Along - Beekeeping Adventure

  • So, this is new! I've been asked for this over the years and now I'm going to go ahead and offer it with the goal of helping others get exposure to many different situations in beekeeping outside of their own apiary. It's the BEE ADVENTURE of a LIFETIME! (probably not but ok) Now YOU can go on a RIDE ALONG! I provide a lot of free or low cost education at my home apiary. When I go to someone elses apiary, I'm unable to do that. Plus, demand for my services has grown from a few very local customers to people all over the area. So I attempt to recoup my costs in time and mileage without doing the whole $x.xx per mile thing. I do my best to try to keep things simple. At $120 (this year) helps compensate for transaction fees, etc. You are always welcome to call to make arrangements for areas OUTSIDE my service range, and we can add mileage if needed. Lunch is typically included if time allows.

  • By ordering and participating in the "Ride Along - Beekeeping Adventure" you agree that you are participating at your own risk. You further agree to hold harmless BeeResQ, it's owners, affiliates, vendors, insurance companies, and other participants, hearin after referred to as BeeResQ, and will waive any rights and/or eligibility to make any claims against afore mentioned BeeResQ, past, present, and future, for any injury or damages, real or imagined.

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