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Pre-Paid Trip Fee - KC Area 60ish miles - THIS IS HOW YOU GET ON THE CALENDAR :-) and have a authorized, experienced beekeeper, come to YOUR LOCATION in the Kansas City Metropolitan and Surrounding Areas. Additional services can be pre-paid or can be selected once on site as needed. Pre-paid trip fees and services are non-refundable. Mileage charged for further distances.

Trip - Includes Initial Assessment

SKU: S-TRIP-1000
  • I provide a lot of free or low cost education at my home apiary. When I go to someone elses apiary, I'm unable to do that. Plus, demand for my services has grown from a few very local customers to people all over the area. So I attempt to recoup my costs in time and mileage without doing the whole $x.xx per mile thing. I do my best to try to keep things simple. Bumping it from $100(last year) to $120 (this year) is really to help compensate for transaction fees, etc. You are always welcome to call to make arrangements for areas OUTSIDE my service range, and we can add mileage if needed. Alternatively, if you think you will use my services often, consider subscribing to save $21.00 on the trip (within service area only). Monthly $99.00 can be auto billed and the following month, typically on the first or second weekend of the month, a visit and an assessment of your hive/colony can be provided, as well as some tips or recommendations on possible actions to take until the next visit. This subscription gives you priority over other clients and gives some assurance to know an experienced beekeeper will take a look again soon! Please note that a route customer like this may have more involved visits and less involved visits and may not coincide with YOUR schedule as part of a route. For more one on one time and a more specifically scheduled arrival, you would want to do the scheduled trip.

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