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Pre-Paid Alcohol Mite Wash - KC Area - Have a authorized, experienced beekeeper, come to YOUR LOCATION in the Kansas City Metropolitan and Surrounding Areas to provide services. A pre-paid TRIP FEE must be selected and pre-paid in order to have services scheduled. Additional services can be added at the time of service (if wanted or needed). Pre-paid trip fees and services are non-refundable.

Pre Paid Mite Wash - KC Area - Per Hive

SKU: S-AMW-1002
  • Risk, was a consideration. There is a remote possibility of queen death ANY TIME you open/manipulate a hive. It also takes some time to determine which frame to take bees from for the test. And, it involves some resources like a wash kit, alcohol, etc. Combine that with a smoker/fire source and you have a less than ideal mixture. In SOME cases we will use washer fluid instead of alcohol. :-)

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