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1 Pallet = 4 hives - Price is PER MONTH with initial months pre-paid. Invoices can be generated for additional months. Call/TxT (816)520-5456 for more information. Not available in all areas. Limits apply.


Notice of Spraying (dates and products to be used) and access to hives is required 7 days ahead of spraying. This requirement is to allow for removal of the hives at the discretion of BeeResQ owners, affiliates, vendors and partners, prior to spraying and their subsequent return within 7 days after spraying. Any removal requied will not reduce, be credited for, or be prorated against monthly fees and will be considered part of the management process in order to preserve the health and wellness of the bees.

Failure to provide notice and access for removal will result in hive replacement fees from $400 per hive ($1600 per pallet) due at time of removal.

Access to hives MUST be provided AS NEEDED for inspection, maintenance, treatment, and feeding. This access must be available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, as long as the hives are present.


Potential Discount for MORE THAN two pallets.


Discount Tiers:

3-4 Pallets = $550/pallet per month*

5-6 Pallets = $500/pallet per month*

7-8 Pallets = $450/pallet per month*

9+ Pallets = $400/pallet per month*


*Subject to approval by BeeResQ and it's owners, partners, vendors, affiliates, etc. Other conditions apply, crop/pest management methodologies, time and availability affect approval.

Pollination (1 Pallet/4 Hive Minimum - Discounts Available)