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Wait, save the bees? Or save the comb?

PSA: For the second time in two days I’ve gotten the comment “my bees died so I scraped all the wax off and will start over again…” etc.

So, yea…both? in this case, save a half cup or cup of the DEAD bees and get an experienced beekeeper to help you do an alcohol wash on them to see if mites contributed to the loss.

Bee sure to document the hive well as the contents of the hive, frames, location, orientation, and disposition of the dead bees and brood in the frames can explain a lot!

Note what and when you fed, treated, etc.

The comb?

Unless you are sure there is some kind of pesticide soaked disease ridden and damaged comb…please PLEASE preserve your comb! Freez it, store it using paramoth or moth crystals (not mothballs) or even tip the hive up on it’s side to expose the remaining comb (see pictures).


The drawn comb is the most valuable part of the hive. It will give your new bees, and splits, an enormous advantage…a head start if you will…and will increase odds of honey harvest even with a new nuc!

You know...a new the ones from and stuff...right? ;-)

Don't forget to ask about large/group/club order discounts and repeat customer coupon codes!


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