Should I be feeding right now?

Q: Mike, should I be feeding right now? A: Depends

If you are still getting a single deep frames drawn out from a Nuc you bought this year, and you haven't been feeding and the flow hasn't really done the job...YES! You would typically feed a new package or nuc to get them started and you SHOULD see new, drawn comb in empty frames or on foundation.

If you are planning to run double deep or double medium configurations and your bees have not started drawing the second box, consider giving them a kick with some thymolated syrup and even a probiotic ASAP and remember to checkerboard from brood box 1 to brood box 2 to encourage them to draw the second box's frames faster.

It would be NORMAL to see frames on the outside that have not been drawn as much (or at all) which is why you would want to work the outside frames in, and drawn frames toward the outside. Basically you want honey frames on the outside and brood in the middle. And this would be true of a single deep, a double medium, a mod, or a double deep (with the brood nest being split between the two boxes).

You also want to be seeing a "honey" or "nectar" ring around the brood nest, in the corners at least.

THIS IS VERY REGIONAL and you might have hives (like a client's last night) in an area that was recently mowed, or the flow has stopped, or the forage has diminished for some other reason and you should bee feeding weekly.