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SHB (Small Hive Beetle) myths

There are a few myths floating around that I’ve been asked about. Among them are the thought that it is common for SHB to kill a hive. NOPE! That would be EXTREMELY RARE! (Some would argue impossible) Here are a couple more:

“Small hive beetles won’t be in your honey frames, only in your pollen frames”...wrong!

“To have small hive beetle infestation’s, you must have a high mite count”...wrong!

Mite count on this little hive is 4 (Apivar working and still working another 14 days) and yet SHB is going crazy!

So, despite a low mite count, to lower the SHB issue, I proceeded with a Thermal treatment.

Here is what it looks like after the warmup period with treatment in progress.

PS this is one of our rental hives. Yes, we do that!

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