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Don't be a "turf jerker" please...

What? I SAID "please"...

The lush, green, spotless, diligently edged, trimmed, chemical saturated lawn, aka the biggest "mono crop" in the country (that has ZERO consumable benefit) is one of the biggest issues negatively impacting bees and other pollinators.

Not to sound too derogatory, but people with "perfect" lawns are called "turf-jerkers".


These are sometimes the same people that will rage against farmers and mono-crops, rage against Monsanto/Beyer, and then go mow/treat/weed their yard.

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of other issues too. Top of mind? Various state and federal spraying and mowing initiatives that kill forage for pollinators, while at the same time they ask for ideas (and tax dollars) to create pollinator friendly habitat. (Spray Less, mow later, etc.)

Want to help the bees, butterflies, and other pollinators?

Relax, and mow less often (and at a higher cut setting)

Take a break, and weed less (dandelions, clover, and other non-green color plants and blooms are valuable to pollinators)

Consider beekeeping as a hobby (shameless plug for or - toss us a like/share please - is a great place to go for more info in Kansas City and surrounding areas)

Consider joining a beekeeping club (great resources and club listing for Missouri at )

Plant a flower or vegetable garden (try to use environmentally friendly pest control methods that are less harsh on pollinators, and consider the timing of application as well! Bees, for example, usually make it back to their hive as the sun goes down, so evening application will have less harm for them)

Add a water feature (in dry areas). They look great, can be managed for mosquito control, and you'll likely see birds, bees, etc. visiting more often

Create a native plant plot, yes, even in the front yard. You can do so with a more 'yard like' border or raised bed walls around it if you have a picky municipality or HOA.

Whatever you do, or even DON'T do, don't be a "turf-jerker"! :-)

What other things can you think of to do?

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