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Dear New Beekeepers

I get it. I really do! I <3 bees too! :-)

But please read this. There are some more experienced beekeepers that might want to read this too!

Although beekeeping is highly geographically dependent and one colony can be a little different than the next, bees are also bees...meaning that they are wild creatures with changing moods and a motive to defend themselves.

This defensiveness can even be exhibited in different ways with some being more defensive than others. Just remember, everything about their demeanor can (and will) change depending on many MANY variables.

Just because it is a beautiful day, does NOT mean that your bees are in a good mood.

Maybe the food sources start drying up or pests of various types are harassing them.

Maybe they have gotten sick, exposed to certain chemicals, or simply had a large number of them slide into new roles as the queen slows down or stops laying.

Maybe they are honey bound and about to swarm?

Maybe their spacing hasn't been managed and a failed inspection resulted in honey and comb falling into the hive and mashing a few dozen bees.

Maybe there were a lot of fireworks going off?

The point is this:

DON'T ASSUME, because you could sit by the entrance with your coffee and watch them with no veil yesterday, that you can do that again today. They MAY decide it's time to sting and chase you all the way back to your car/truck/house.

Please, always use at least a veil, and know that with the next noise, wind, or even puff of smoke that may be a little too hot, any colony may go on high alert and then send out the guards!

Be careful, stay hydrated, and SAFELY enjoy your bees.

-Mike with BeeResQ

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1 Comment

Jul 09, 2021

Yep. Just the other day I was mowing around my hives, not all that close, like I always do and some bees came after me….I now am sporting a clown nose.

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