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A thought on classes

For the last few years I’ve tried to schedule classes around other clubs and businesses despite being way out on the eastern side of Kansas City (the northern edge of Oak Grove). Why? Trying to be supportive. It turns out what I really want to support is beekeeping. And it turns out that there are a lot of people that can’t make club meeting times that still need help. And, the biggest surprise of all is that there are clubs and organizations that are actively against small beekeeping businesses! So, this year I’m going to offer more classes, more often, on more specific topics. Smaller classes, some free, some paid, and some workshops will be posted under events at if you‘re interested. It’s ok if you belong to another club, got your bees elsewhere, etc. You can still attend IF space is available. Most importantly, keep in mind that I focus on PRACTICAL beekeeping techniques that work for me, in our general area. and with smaller classes, I’ll have to talk fast and cover the essentials more efficiently. So, if you’d like to engage in debate, dispute methods I teach, reference YouTube etc. these may not be the ideal classes for you! I consider myself to be a pretty patient and non-judgmental person, but come to learn, not to argue. :-) Good questions, even not so good questions if they are genuine, will be answered as time allows. But you will have to keep in mind that I may be conducting more than one class in a’ll can’t hang around and talk all day! I know you’ll want to, because I will too. Beekeepers love talking about bees! But this is already shaping up to be a busier season than usual! So? Make use of the tools and information provided in class, on the website and Facebook group etc. And, if you’d like to have a visit and have me or one of the team come out and put eyes on your hives...schedule early! I look forward to seeing you and working the bugs with you! And if you want to be on the swarm list and can respond quickly, please please please let me know! Swarms will be starting SOON! Last season we got around a hundred swarm calls. About 90% of them were dispatched to other beekeepers! :-) So stay in touch and thanks for being a supporter!

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