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Cooperating with...YOU!

At we are ALL ABOUT THE BEES! We cooperate WITH other beekeepers, farmers, schools, and other organizations to help produce better bees, healthier bees, and a better environment.

That means we can acquire and deliver, install, teach, consult, and fill in service gaps with any of the beekeepers we cooperate with.

Which means giving you access to some of the best bees and honey around, with additional services to make keeping bees and getting LOCAL honey EASIER and MORE CONVENIENT than ever!

So, if you are a business, or an individual, and you want specific kinds of bees, hardware, services, education, etc.GIVE US a call. Usually, if we can't help you, or we know someone else can help you better, we can direct you accordingly.

Look for MORE alliances, partnerships, and cooperatives to be added in the future.

Below you will find a listing of SOME of the beekeepers and organizations we refer others to, that we promote, cooperate and coordinate with, or that we just help out whenever we have time!

For honeybee and honey sales, cut outs, trap outs, swarm recovery, and for the unfortunate occasions when other flying, stinging insects (not honeybees) have to be exterminated, we highly recommend: 

  Kansas City Metropolitan Area:                    Midwest Bee Removal (816) 217-4214

  Clinton Missouri and Surrounding Areas:     Paul's Honey Farm (660) 223-3873

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