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Pre-Paid Thermal Treatment - KC Area - Have a authorized, experienced beekeeper, come to YOUR LOCATION in the Kansas City Metropolitan and Surrounding Areas to provide services. A pre-paid TRIP FEE must be selected and pre-paid in order to have services scheduled. Additional services can be added at the time of service (if wanted or needed). Pre-paid trip fees and services are non-refundable.

Pre-Paid Thermal Treatment - KC Area - Per Hive

SKU: S-THER-1003
  • This process takes FOREVER! :-) But it typically only requires one trip per treatment versus Oxalic Acid's 4 treatments a week apart. AND it is MUCH safer for the beekeeper, and in my opinion, also for the bees. These boards are simple to use once you know how, so I've started recommending people buy them when they can. They can even buy them and have me deliver and train them if they like. But they ARE someehwat expensive, even though they eliminate a lot of costs and issues while treating MULTIPLE THINGS (Mites and Small Hive Beetles among them).

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