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Pre-Paid Oxalic Acid Vapor (Sublimation)  Treatment - KC Area - Have a authorized, experienced beekeeper, come to YOUR LOCATION in the Kansas City Metropolitan and Surrounding Areas to provide services. A pre-paid TRIP FEE must be selected and pre-paid in order to have services scheduled. Additional services can be added at the time of service (if wanted or needed). Pre-paid trip fees and services are non-refundable. *Oxalic Acid Sublimation requires 4 treatments over 4 weeks.

Pre-Paid Oxalic Treatment - KC Area - Per Hive - Per Treatment*

SKU: S-OXAL-1005
  • Although the process can be quick and simple, it is also inherently dangerous. Beyond the bees trying to kill you, this process can damage skin, eyes, and lungs, permanently. And a lot of people don't like using it on bees for these reasons. Just because something is organic, found in nature, etc. DOES NOT MEAN it is safe! :) Especially in concentration like this. The equipment is expensive, and in many cases I have to use a generator for electricity in the field.

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