Pollination Services Available! $199/Hive for up to 30 days. This includes delivery, setup, and removal (between spraying), feeding and treating bees (if needed) etc. Please give 3 days notice prior to spraying and allow up to 3 days AFTER spraying for placement of hives. Pollination services are payable IN ADVANCE and the pollination customer takes responsibility for replacement of bees or equipment losses.

Pollination - Garden Hive Rental

SKU: 6001
  • We work CLOSELY with farmers, gardeners, and even hobbiests, to place a single hive, or multiple hives, for purposes of improving pollination and the environment. The difference between pollination services and hive rental services is in the nature of the agreement between us and the customer, regarding spraying of pesticides AND herbicides. We want to keep our bees healthy and strong, to help your crops, and to overwinter well so we can do it again year after year! As always, call with questions (816)520-5456