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Minnesota Hygienic Queens - my favorite, from my favorite supplier! IF you pre-order these you will NOT have much notice on the pickup date! I will get them as early as I can, and I may or may not resupply after the first shipment. I WILL run out. And I WILL only be able to order them for the first part of…please be on the ball! If you’ve used them before…you KNOW! Very productive, hearty, and with a more consistent demeanor. *** the warrantee lasts as long as my driveway *** Bring a box or other container as these queens come in a small plastic queen cage and will likely have a few loose attendants with them. The queen cage is very small, and her and her attendants will fit easily in a solo cup for example.

2024 Minnesota Hygienic - Limited Supply

SKU: 2024MHQ1001
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