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$10.00 per Gallon - PRESERVED 2:1 Sugar Syrup READY for Bees - Container not included!


***NOTE*** Please consult additional info section for mixing your own!

2:1 Preserved Syrup for Bees

SKU: CPSYR221P2020
  • Why not mix your own? :-) You sure can! Here's some information to help you do exactly that (if you want to).

    Otherwise, you can avoid SOME of the sticky mess and have pre-measured, pre mixed, preserved syrup, ready to go, in an amount that fits your feeder, and doesn't go bad as quickly! Bee sure to select the option that includes a container if you need it!

    Please consult the following to mix your own and be sure to CHECK and/or EMPTY any excess WEEKLY before it ferments! Yours won't last as long without a preservative!

    MIX 1 Gal H2O (8.33 lbs) + 8 lbs sugar = 16.33 lbs 

    - Volume & weight can vary AS CAN the VOLUME/CAPACITY 

    - Meaning? By weight, ~16 lbs may not FIT a 1 gallon container

    MIX 3 Gal H2O 24.99 lbs + 25 lbs of sugar = 49.99 lbs

         - Volume & weight can vary AS CAN the VOLUME/CAPACITY

         - Meaning? By weight 48.99 lbs may not FIT a 3 gallon container

    DOUBLE UP the SUGAR for 2:1 Syrup - Value???

    MIX 1 Gal H2O 8.33 lbs + 16 lbs of sugar = 24.33 lbs

         - Volume and weight can vary AS CAN the VOLUME/CAPACITY

        - Meaning? By weight 24.33 lbs may not FIT a 1 gallon container

    MIX 3 Gal H2O 24.99 lbs + 50 lbs of sugar = 72 lbs - Value???

         - Volume and weight can vary slightly AS CAN the VOLUME/CAPACITY

         - Meaning? By weight, 74.99 lbs may not FIT a 3 gallon container


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