PRESERVED and pre mixed 1:1 Sugar Syrup for Bees - Container not included!


In addition to being convenient, you can save time and money without carrying, mixing, spilling, etc. Enjoy pre-measured amounts. Avoid overspills. Stop dumping fermented syrup and drunken bees!


Can you mix your own? Of course! Should you? If you want to, why not? Do you have that money saving "secret ingredient" that some commercial beekeepers use to keep their bees in tip top condition?


There are a couple of additives/preservatives available, and they work pretty well! This syrup includes the formula we prefer, already mixed in, with the appropriate amounts.


Want help mixing your own syrup (without the preservative)? See additional information below for a table for help!

1:1 PRESERVED/Pre Mixed Syrup for Bees

SKU: CPSYR121P2021
  • *** This information does NOT include instructions for preservative ***

    Use warm tap water for best results and DO NOT BOIL

    A gallon of syrup weighs more than a gallon water! Keep this in mind if you have restrictions on weight or if you experience back problems. ESPECIALLY with 5 gallon buckets...

    Always use plain, granulated table sugar. Do NOT use brown sugar, powdered sugar, etc.

    1:1 Syrup

    - 8.33 lbs water (1 gallon) +8.33 lbs sugar = 16.66 lbs

    -24.99 lbs water (3 gallons) +24.99 lbs sugar = 49.98 lbs


    2:1 Syrup

    - 8.33 lbs water (1 gallon) +16.66 lbs sugar = 24.99 lbs

    -24.99 lbs water (3 gallons) +49.98 lbs sugar = 74.97 lbs