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Why I don't "do" FREE anymore...

Yes, I used to do it. And no, I didn't realize the damage I was doing when I did it.

Granted, I really DO a LOT of things out of generosity...probably TOO much.

And I'm not saying that there isn't some form of gratification or honor involved with giving selflessly.

But generally speaking you have to get, to have, and you have to have, to give.

And to be sure, I have found the beekeeping community to be some of the most generous and amazing people I have ever met!

I've had them generously help me from time to time with advice, discussion, and even projects outside of beekeeping.

For sure, we should ALL do what we can to help a fellow human in need. But there's a lot of confusion around that one little word. Need.

Do the bees NEED you to gather them up, put them in a box, and squeeze honey out of them? (Not that this is an apt description of beekeeping at all! :) )

Do new beekeepers NEED you